Wedding Preparation Challenges

When organising a wedding, imagine a million times more moving parts plus the whole getting married part. What were attempting to say is organising a wedding is no small feat. Everything from creating a guest list, sending out save the dates, picking out a menu and coordinating with all the vendors. There are million things to do. And while Postable can come in real handy with regards to collecting mailing addresses from your guest list, there are just some tasks even we cannot hack. Organising a wedding is hard work. Anybody who has taken on this challenge will tell you its no walk in the park.

However a select few people out there make wedding planning look easy. We wanted to be familiar with the .1 challenge in organising a wedding straight from the expert source the wedding coordinator. Are you about to set out to plan a wedding of your very own? Checkout what these wedding planners have to say first. Dollar Expectations – The biggest challenge I face as a planner is the one about couples hear from their buddies or the Internet. Your wedding is an once-in-a life time thing. As opposed to bring pictures from Pinterest from other couples weddings, I want to know exactly what makes each couple special in order that I could make their wedding truly unique.

For instance, maybe the couple met over IPAs at the local tavern so how about we pour a few of their most favored craft beers rather than just the standard drink package. Or, maybe even create a beer garden for the rehearsal dinner or reception. Your guests will love it because its a reflection of your love and not the same old formula for a wedding. Do you share a love of golf? Then skip the horse drawn carriage and have the bride arrive in a golf cart. Plan your wedding in a manner that shares some of the special things which bring you together as a couple with your loved ones and friends.

Too many decisions – Paralysis of choice is such a big challenge for couples who’re wedding planning. We live in an age of 24\/7 info: Pinterest, Facebook groups, wedding blogs, magazines! its a seemingly never ending supply of options for your big day. But heres the problem, as I see with my couples. The availability of so MUCH sometimes leads to a complete shut down when the time comes to make a decision. What if you pick and something better comes along? Something trendier? See also: Why some brides end up buying two wedding gowns. Once you purchase your gown, choose your venue, order your flowers, stop looking at your options. Get thee off of Pinterest. Ensure that it stays simple, keep it decisive, keep it moving! Too many cooks in the kitchen – My biggest challenge is parents who are strongly involved with planning without being asked.

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